About ESI Funds Academy

„We are the platform for the transfer of knowledge on ESI Funds and an opportunity for a networking experience.

The goal of our seminars is to foster the development of high-quality public authorities in Europe.”

Claudia Torres-Bartyzel

Co-founder of ESI Funds Academy

Knowledge and networking


Our mission is to support the development of the institutions that take part in our trainings. Seminars delivered by ESI Funds Academy are practice-oriented and dedicated to fostering both individual and institutional growth. 


We have a strong network of highly qualified experts from across the European Union. 


We provide an interactive and dynamic space where innovative ideas and solutions are discussed. Participants of our programmes benefit from the access to world class experts and best practices in the field of European social and investment funds. They also extend their network of professional contacts.

How we work


We are an independent institution operating at the international level. We are passionate about the public sector. All our training formats are rooted in the needs of our customers and focused on providing cutting edge, practical insights. 


The formats of our seminars include:

  • Lizbona Dachy

    two days workshop

    2-days workshops

  • Lisbon Bridge

    spring and summer Academy

    3-days interactive academies

  • Warsaw

    study Visits

    custom visits

We continually strive to improve our work and ensure that the trainings are tailored to the needs of our participants.

We share the values and perspective of our customers

Our experience is rooted in the public sector and supplemented by the best practices of the market. We are experts in the field of public authorities implementing EU funds to the benefit of the citizens and structural development of the countries. 


We are based in Poland, working with a network of first-class experts from all over Europe.

As a global knowledge platform, we bring together highly qualified network of people


We are convinced that there is nothing more valuable than receiving a meaningful feedback and advice from experts and practitioners from different institutions implementing the ESI Funds. The cross-European focus of our work mixed with the local flavour of expertise makes us so passionate about our work. We address the most vital questions in the area of the best implementation of ESI Funds.

Join our seminars. Get better quality for innovation of the public sector


We have the experience of implementing ESI Funds for nearly 25 years, and always keep our eyes open for the new developments to come. Our programs and our experts offer a new, dynamic perspective on the management and implementation of ESI Funds.

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