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Delivering results and added value with ESI Funds

1050 EUR (excl. VAT)
  • Description

    Programmes do not merely provide funds. The way they deliver those funds to other actors can make a crucial difference. This seminar will show that there are three fundamentally different ways to support funded initiatives that require different project management methodologies and therefore also different ways of managing programmes. However, regardless of the chosen option, the key focus is on delivering EU added value. The new programmes are approaching and this seminar enables to consider their design according to the chosen value added strategy.

    In this workshop we discuss how the focus of the programme should be reflected in the structure of its management organisation (Managing Authority and other bodies) and the way how the projects are being managed. Is your programme upscaling known services? Does it aim to innovate public services? Is it trying to find solutions to wicked problems in your society? Each focus requires a different approach to managing your programme. The wrong approach can cause inappropriate and unnecessarily lengthy procedures and ultimately reduce the value added by the programme and limit its results for society.

    This workshop is not about how to write a programme document, but about how to design the programme management organisation according to the intendent nature of the programme.

    To enable the seminar to be as practical as possible, the participants are kindly advised to investigate following questions about their own programme prior to the seminar:
    –          What is the structure of my Programme management organisation (Managing Authority, Intermediary Body,…) and why it was structured like this?
    –          Who does what in the organisation?
    –          What different kinds of projects does my programme support? What specific processes (calls, proposals, financing, evaluation,…) are needed to deliver the three different kinds of value added?


    After completing the official program of the first day of the Workshop the ESI Funds Academy is inviting the participants on the Thursday afternoon to a walking tour to discover the heart of Lisbon with our urban expert Jerome Crozy.


  • Programme

    Thursday 12 September 2019

    • 09.00

      Introduction round

    • 09.30

      The results orientation of the ESIF regulations

    • 10.00

      Workshop - Mapping the PMO (programme management organization): how you deliver EU funds?

      • Identifying types of stakeholders in the programme
      • Processes in running the programme:
      • Core processes
      • Support processes
      • Management processes
      • Who does what and where?
    • 11.15

      Coffee Break

    • 11.30

      From Programme Strategy to the Organisational Strategy of the Programme Management Organisation (PMO): How to Add Value as a PMO

      • as an enhancer?
      • as an innovator?
      • as a solutions manager?
    • 12.30


    • 13.30

      Delivering as an enhancer

      • the logical framework
      • theories of change
      • Project Cycle Management
      • Example: project to combat alcoholism at work
    • 15.00

      Coffee break

    • 15.15

      Delivering as an enhancer: output-based financing

      • what is an output?
      • the World Bank approach
      • Example: output based financing of childcare
    • 16.45

      Discussion on delivering as an enhancer

      • Take-aways
      • Comparison to own PMO strategy
      • Next steps
    • 17.15

      End of the Official Programm day One

    • 18.30

      Walking tour to discover the heart of Lisbon

      Walking tour to discover the heart of Lisbon (60-90 minutes)

      Starting point: Praca Dom Pedro IV


      Guide: Jerome Crozy, expert on urban planning

    Friday 13 September 2019

    • 09.00

      Delivering as an innovator: human centered design approaches

      • Workshop: generating a better user journey
      • The design process: discover, define, develop, deliver
      • What is different about innovation (video)?
    • 10.45

      Coffee break

    • 11.00

      Delivering as an innovator: human centered design approaches -tools

      • Context mapping
      • Direct observation
      • User journeys
      • Clustering themes
      • Persona’s
      • Brainstorming
      • Prototyping
      • Service Blueprints
      • Example: Project on “How to stimulate young persons to become social entrepreneurs?”
    • 12.00


    • 13.00

      Discussion on delivering as an innovator

      • Take-aways
      • Comparison to own PMO strategy
      • Next steps
    • 13.30

      Delivering as a solutions manager

      • Societal transitions, incl. example from Flanders concerning lifelong learning
      • Complexity as a challenge for running projects
    • 14.15

      Coffee break

    • 14.30

      Delivering as a solutions manager: outcome mapping

      • Vision and mission
      • Boundary / strategic partners and outcome challenges
      • Progress markers
      • Strategy maps
      • Organisational practices
      • Monitoring with outcome, strategy and performance journals
      • Example of equal opportunities project
    • 16.30

      Discussion on delivering as a solutions manager

      • Take-aways
      • Comparison to own PMO strategy
      • Next steps
    • 17.00

      End of the Workshop, distribution of certificates

  • Experts

  • Venue

    4* Hotel in Lisbon

    Hotel Açores Lisboa

    Av. Columbano Bordalo Pinheiro 3, 1070-060 Lisboa, Portugal

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