Ana Jurak

Expert on Audit of EU programmes and funds (RRF, EMFF, EFF, IPA)

Field of specialisation

Ana Jurak is the head of Department for Audit of Recovery and Resilience Facility at the Agency for Audit of European Union Programmes Implementation System (the Croatian Audit Authority). As of 2021, she has been responsible for audits of the Re-covery and Resilience Facility. Her responsibilities include all stages in audit planning, execution and reporting on the RRF audits.
Previously, Ana was the audit team leader for several EU funds: European Maritime and Fisheries Fund, European Fisheries Fund and two pre-accession rural develop-ment instruments (SAPARD and IPARD). During her 15 years of experience in the audit of EU programmes and funds, she was a team leader or a team member in vari-ous types of audit engagements, such as compliance and designation audits, system audits (including technical assistance, IT systems, EMFF COVID-19 measures, per-formance indicators), audits of operations and audits of accounts.
She is a BA of economics and a certified Public Internal Auditor.

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