Andrzej Kaznowski

Expert on State Aid

Field of specialisation

Partner, Easy State Kaznowski Stasiak sp.j.

With regard to State aid for R&D&I he is an advisor to the World Bank, the National Center of Research and Development (government agency responsible for support of collaborative research and R&D activity conducted by the undertakings) and the Foundation for Polish Science.

Professional experience

Andrzej Kaznowski has ten years of experience in the field of State aid law.

Mr. Kaznowski earned experience as case handler in the Department of State Aid Monitoring at the Polish Office of Competition and Consumer Protection where he successfully conducted a number of notification proceedings and was responsible for State aid legislation.

As of 2011 Mr. Kaznowski advises public authorities and entrepreneurs on State aid as a partner of Easy State Aid Kaznowski Stasiak sp.j. He conducted a number of State aid projects in Poland, Croatia and Montenegro. His activities focus primarily on public financing of R&D&I activities and State aid in energy sector and.

With respect of State aid in the energy sector he represented the Polish authorities and aid beneficiaries in a number of complex proceedings before the European Commission concerning inter alia support for renewables (green certificates and operating scheme based on auctions), high-efficiency cogeneration (CHP certificates), capacity market, financing of large energy infrastructure and support measures for energy intensive undertakings exposed to the risk of carbon leakage. The combined aid budget of these schemes exceeds 25 billion EUR.

Mr. Kaznowski is a guest lecturer on fiscal State aid at the University of Lund (European and International Tax Law – Master’s Program) and at the Warsaw School of Economics (Postgraduate Studies in State Aid). He conducted numerous State aid trainings on national and international level. Andrzej Kaznowski is also an author of publications concerning State aid, i.e. commentaries on the GBER and De minimis regulation.

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