Claudia Torres-Bartyzel

Expert on European Management, decision making process and public finance, including ESI Funds Management

Field of specialisation

  • Decision Making
  • European Governance
  • ESI Funds Management


CEO of ESI Funds Academy

Professional experience

Claudia Torres-Bartyzel is the CEO of the ESI Funds Academy, and the former Head of Civil Service in Poland. With experience spanning over 4 countries she has been helping public institutions to improve their performance and co-create solutions to the most pressing issues of our time. Before funding the ESI Funds Academy she was:

  • Head of the Civil Service in Poland
  • Director of Department of ESI Funds in the Ministry of Education
  • Director of Department of International Cooperation in the Ministry of Education
  • President of the Management Board of Ciech Service Ltd.
  • Manager of Training Projects at the Foundation for the Development of Public Administration
  • Minister Adviser in the Human Resources, Training and Organization Office of the Council of Ministers


She graduated from sociology at the University of Lodz. She also holds a diploma of the first promotion of the National School of Public Administration in Poland. She completed PhD studies in Management at the University of Warsaw. She was also a fellow of the Fulbright Foundation Scholarship at the University of Minnesota in the USA.

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