Dariusz Wawrzeniecki

Expert and coach for managerial skills

Field of specialisation

Psychologist, Warsaw University, Faculty of Psychology graduate. Currently works as a freelance. Trains, gives lectures, conducts workshops, coaches in negotiating, customer service, communication, sales techniques, marketing. Besides educating, conducts recruitment and assessment processes using such tools like Behavioral Event Interview (BEI) and Assessment Center.

1999–2002, Vice President of People Ltd. recruitment agency (www.people.com.pl), previously board member of International Financial Group Ltd. responsible for Business Development Unit (HR and Marketing Director).

Professional experience

In his adviser work draws inspiration from the intercultural experiences of his stay in former USSR and the stay in Germany during his studies at the Viadrina European University, Law Faculty (1992 -1997). While staying in Germany cooperated in WHO project with Social-Pedagogic Institute in Berlin and Robert Koch Institute in Berlin As a part of developmental projects for managerial staff – beside individual support – conducts sophisticated workshops which permanently increase individual and group work-efficiency of management teams and the level of understanding of social processes that underlie commercial organizations functioning. Specializes in constructing competency systems that regulate the processes involved in the selection, training, development and ongoing performance management of employees.

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