Eriks Mezalis

Expert on Public Procurement

Field of specialisation

Public Procurement, EU Co – funded procurement transactions, Public – Private Partnerships, Legislation Drafting, Institutional Capacity Building, Electronic Procurement

Professional experience

Eriks Mezalis is international public procurement consultant based in Riga, Latvia. A lawyer, he has been involved in the legislation development and capacity building projects, managed by institutions such as EBRD, GIZ, OECD/Sigma and European Commission, in Balkan, Eastern Europe and Southern Caucasus Regions. Eriks has drafted a new Public Procurement Law for Georgia, based on the new package of EU Directives. He has participated of the development of primary and secondary legislation of Ukraine and Armenia as well provided legal review for procurement laws and decrees of Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Belarus Kosovo and Albania. He posesses and indepth knowledge of  widely accepted international public procurement standards, such as UNCITRAL Public Procurement Model Law, WTO Government Procurement Agreement, as well as EU Public Procurement Directives. In addition Eriks has been a member of working groups elaborating Latvia’s Public Procurement Law and Public Private Partnership Law.

For 6 years Eriks has been a member of the European Commission Public Procurement Stakeholder’s Expert Group – the forum of experts across the EU with a view to provide EC Services with the insight and industry opinion related to current and future public procurement policies.

In Latvia, Eriks has obtained significant experience in practical functioning of a procurement transactions, including assisting to contracting authorities to conduct procurement procedures in ESI funded procurement, representing the interests of bidders in the national review body as well as courts, managing framework agreements. He has also led many seminars on workshops on public procurement related topics.

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