Ivan Ramljak

Expert on Audit, Control and Irregularities in ESI Funds

Field of specialisation


–       Audit of EU programmes and funds (AMIF, ISF, IPA, Schengen),

–       Experienced speaker, trainer and presenter on EU audit related matters

–       Certified public internal auditor

Professional experience

Ivan Ramljak is the Head of Service at the Croatian Audit Authority. Currently he is in charge of auditing AMIF and ISF funds, while previously he audited various EU funded funds and programmes such as: SAPARD, IPA (Component I), Transition facility, SOLID and Schengen. His responsibilities include all audit tasks in the implementation of the a.m. EU programmes and funds, such as preparation of the audit strategy, annual audit plans, audit engagement reports and audit opinions, leading the team in performance of system audits, audits of operations/expenditure and audit of accounts, as well as annual control reports.

Ivan has 12 years of working experience in the audit of EU programmes and funds, has participated as an expert in twinning and service projects (strengthening control and audit within the public sector) and is an experienced presenter and speaker. He is a BA of economics and is a certified Public Internal Auditor.

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