Jelena Keirane

Expert on Audits of EU Funded programmes and operations

Field of specialisation

  • Audits of EU Funded programmes and operations.
  • Audits of the European Economic Area/Norwegian financial mechanisms’ funded program-mes and projects.
  • Quality control of the work of Audit Authority and quality assurance reviews of statutory auditors.

Professional experience

Senior Expert of the EU Funds Audit Department in the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Latvia (Audit Authority for ESF, ERDF and CF, as well as the European Economic Ar-ea/Norwegian financial mechanisms in Latvia).
18 years experience in the field of audit of EU funded and EEA FM/NFM funded programmes and projects.
Experienced in the area of auditing EU Funds since 2005, first as an internal auditor for auditing the 2004-2006 EU funds planning period and continued performing and managing system audits of the EU Funds. Since 2011 – working in compliance with the International Standards on Audit-ing. Responsibilities included performing the quality control for the Audit Authority’s work. Since 2015 envolved also in the management and supervision of audits under the European Eco-nomic Area/Norwegian financial mechanisms.

Upcoming courses given by

Jelena Keirane

  • Spring Academy

    Verification and Audit of ESF and Cross-Border Projects:
    Best Practices

    1900 EUR (excl. VAT)
  • AutumnAcademy

    Efficient Audit and Control of the European Social Fund and Cross-Border Projects:
    Practitioner’s Toolbox

    1900 EUR (excl. VAT)
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