Jo Kremers

Expert on combating Irregularities

Field of specialisation

Certified Public Auditor, Certified IT auditor and fraud investigator
His activities the last 20 years of audits, training and consultancy in :
– Management, control and audits of subsidies provided by ESI Funds;
– Combating Fraud and Corruption in ESI Funds and in the public sector in general;
– training of managers, controllers and auditors of the authorities involved in EU Funds
– EU twinning projects and World Bank projects to strengthen and to improve the control and audit
functions in the public sector.
– financial and IT auditing in the public sector and Information Security and Integrity audits as well in
the public sector in general and as more specific in Tax and Customs Administration.
He is a recognized professional speaker and trainer during events organized by national and
international educational institutions and academies.

Professional experience

Jo Kremers is Senior Audit Manager in the Dutch Audit Authority for ESI Funds.
This Audit Authority is part of the Central Audit Services of the Ministry of Finance in The
Before his period of 13 years of experience till now in auditing ESI Funds, he was
– external tax auditor / fraud investigator for the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration,
– external auditor pension funds and national airports;
– (internal) auditor of the Dutch Tax and Customs Organisation.
Certified Public Auditor, Certified IT auditor and fraud investigator

He developed “The Anti- Fraud and Corruption Game”, a very user friendly and practical tool
developed as a multi- media driven, highly interactive , unique and attractive game concept.
Inclusive winners of the Game.

Upcoming courses given by

Jo Kremers

  • AutumnAcademy

    Innovation in Management & Control Systems (MCS), and the Anti-Fraud Cycle (AFC)
    for ESI Funds, RRF and Green Deal

    1900 EUR (excl. VAT)
  • Winter Academy

    Fraud detection using IT tools and data analytics:
    control and audit of ESIF and RRF in the new programming period

    1900 EUR (excl. VAT)
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