Kristaps Konrāds

Expert on SCO

Field of specialisation

  • Simplified Cost Options (SCO, FNLC) (ESF, ERDF, CF, RRF, EEA and Norway Grants);
  • Management and control system;
  • Simplification;
  • Risk management;
  • Audits (also in SCO)

Professional experience

Leading SCO expert in Latvia. Kristaps has been working with SCOs and simplifica-tion instruments more than 8 years. This period has gained extensive experience with all types of SCOs and FNLC – IT, energy efficiency, administrative costs, trainings, services etc. areas. In parallel with the SCOs, working in the Managing Authority has gained extensive experience in the field of management and control system, risk management and audits. Kristaps is also a lecturer at the School of State Administra-tion of Latvia, where he conducts courses how to develop SCO methodologies. Mem-ber of a ESF & DG REGIO Transnational Network on Simplification with a participa-tion of 27 Member States. He has a master’s degree in business and law in the Euro-pean union.

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Kristaps Konrāds

  • AutumnAcademy

    Simplified Cost Options for ESI Funds:
    Cutting the Red Tape Smartly to Get the Best Results

    1900 EUR (excl. VAT)
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