Louis Vervloet

Expert on SCO

Field of specialisation

Management and control of ESI funds in general, simplification more specific, specialy SCO’s but also other simplifications.

Lot’s of practice as a key note speaker, animator and chair at multiple conferences, seminars and workshop on employment, labour market and social economy related issues.

Professional experience

Louis is experienced as the general director of the Flemish ESF Agency and represents Belgium in the ESF Committee.

He has a degree in Public Administration and a vast experience in working with the ESF in Belgium/Flanders and throughout Europe.

He worked at the European Commission and was a member of the High Level group on Simplification.

Working with the ESF since 1982 he has seen and experienced all evolutions van individual projects thruough national plans and managing operational ESF programs.

He has a vast experience  as speaker, moderator, facilitator and chairman in several conferences, seminars and workshops on various employment policies or the management of the European Structural Investment Funds.

Today he is a member of a Transnational working group on Simplification with a participation of 27 Member States.

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Louis Vervloet

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    Simplified Cost Options for ESI Funds:
    Cutting the Red Tape Smartly to Get the Best Results

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