Preventing Fraud and Irregularities:
Real Life Cases in Porto

1900 EUR (excl. VAT)
  • Description

    A training with an On-The -Spot Observation, Analysis and Research in the city of Porto!

    A brand new training with a visit to an EU funded project in the city of Porto.

    • Do you recognize the risk indicators and red flags of possible irregularities, fraud and maybe corruption, on-the-spot?
    • Can you further analyse and collect evidence on the spot and via open sources?
    • A new advanced training with the character of a Team Game, an idea and successful approach, that Jo also uses for all his other workshops.


    As a participant and member of the (hopefully winning) team, you will observe, analyse, assess and also carry out technical analysis and research on the-spot.
    Can you, together with your team members, further analyse the project and collect evidence on site, and via open sources, and record and present everything in an attractive team presentation?

    In addition to the visit to the project in Porto, you will apply the same techniques for several other complex EU-funded projects that Jo will present during this training.

    Including EU funded projects focused on reducing carbon dioxide emissions and circular economy.

    And you will learn when and how to make use of the newest IT-tools and technics (bring your laptop).
    And last but not least, during this training attention will be paid to assessing technical (like construction and development) aspects of EU funded projects.

    Not to forget; as in all his workshops also in this one, the very important motto Jo always uses: “A day without laughter is a day wasted!”
    At the end of the training the Special Awards Ceremony; the Winner of this New Game is it…… You and your team?


    All authorities involved in detecting fraud and corruption need to gain the relevant skills and mindset to understand the mind of fraudsters. This unique Training can teach us how to understand the fraudsters and give us clues on how to catch them.


    Join this intensive course and let Jo Kremers, our EU anti-fraud expert, guide you through an exciting learning experience inside and outside the classroom. Jo will show you the latest innovative techniques and provide you with useful tools for analyzing real-life cases and successfully combating fraud committed with European funds.


    Our approach during this unique, attractive and highly interactive event includes the set-up of a well-structured risk analysis, focused on gathering evidence, fact finding, based on professional scepticism, by the use of the internet, open sources, data analysis and sophisticated software, and not to forget the use of your most important instruments, combined with a more innovative way of thinking. Under professional coaching and guidance, enthusiastic teams are competing for the best results and a real reward.


    The participants will be actively involved in various exercises and group works during the course. This round-table format will offer a platform to learn how to prevent, detect and combat irregularities and fraud in ESI Funds, IPA Funds, AMIF and ISF. Next to expert presentations, the sessions will include discussions and exchange of best practices as well as expert guidance on how to implement and apply the measures and strategies in your country.

  • Programme

    Wednesday 13 November 2024

    • 09.00

      9:00-15:30 Preparation for the on the spot Visits

      The first day of the training (venue in Porto) is focused on preparing the visits to the projects on the Spot

      • preparation behind desk, with use of laptops (a minimum of 2 per team of 3 participants) and use of social media,
        aggregation sites, sophisticated audit software and internet.;
      • professional risk analysis,
        data analysis and innovation in your way of thinking;
      • set up of checklists / questionnaire for the visits


      We will have a lunch and Coffee Breaks in the Venue for a better networking

    • 18.00

      Walking Tour and a get together dinner in Porto

    Thursday 14 November 2024

    • On the Spot Visit of a Project in Porto

      On-The -Spot Visit: Analysis and Research in the city of Porto
      On the spot the teams will make use of their most important instruments and checklists. The most important instruments, auditors and inspectors should make use of during on-the-spot visits and audits in order to be successful. The on the spot visit will be focused on the improvement of the use of the Auditors tools, skills and instruments. While performing these on-the-spot visits intensively being coached on the spot.

      There will be a lunch break and a visit to Caffeteria  organised by the ESI Funds Academy during this day.

    • 15.30

      End of the official Programm of the 2. Day

    Friday 15 November 2024

    • Proceeding with the outcome of the on-the-spot visit

      • the teams will process the outcome of the on-the-spot visits;
      • the Teams will do some further research on internet and social media
        and will set up an innovative presentation of their fact findings;
      • we will present our outcomes;
      • Evaluation and Rounding off


      During the day we will have Coffee Breaks and a lunch in the Venue

    • 15.30

      End of the Academy

      Evaluation and Handing out of the certificates

  • Experts

  • Venue

    Mercure Porto Centro Santa Catarina
    Praça da Batalha, 116
    4049-028 Porto


    Next to the training materials the training fee is covering:
    a) the Catering during the training (3 Coffee Breaks and a Lunch every day);
    b) a Walking Tour in Porto in the evening of the First Day of the Training;
    c) get-together dinner in a Restaurant in Porto in the evening of the 1st Day

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